What is ONTology?

2 min readOct 12, 2022

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What is ONTology

Ontology cryptocurrency (ONT) is Ontology’s own digital currency platform. The project was created in 2017, and its developers set themselves the goal of introducing blockchain technology into a variety of areas of human life. The developers plan to achieve these goals by creating a system in which diversified companies could connect and interact with each other.

The project allows companies to “trust” other companies within the project by voting. According to the developers, this option will help to create a trusted global system. In addition, the developed decentralized in-network application is available on such giant platforms as Neo, Ethereum and EOS.

Ontology Coin

$ONT token allows you to create multiple blockchains built on top of Ontology’s main blockchain. It goes hand in hand with Ontology’s focus on serving enterprises. Instead of forcing enterprises to use a single public blockchain with set rules and specifications, Ontology gives enterprises that choose to build a blockchain using Ontology technology more flexibility to design a blockchain that is right for them.

Where to buy $ONT?

$ONT is now trading with the BTC, ETH, USDT and BCH pairs on our FMFW.io Exchange.

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