Monthly Recap — July

Working from home and staying inside has changed our lives drastically. Sometimes it feels like ‘difficult’ is the new normal, in times like these, just know we are here for you and doing our best to make your gray day pretty.

It’s been a very exciting month for Exchange with many new listings, trading competitions, giveaways, and airdrops. Here is a quick overview of the events that shaped our July.

July for Exchange


In July, we had made exciting digital assets trading available for you. We listed several new digital assets on our exchange and we can ensure you there is more to come in the future!


Amun is traded on the Exchange

We have listed four 3x leveraged tokens by Amun. Leveraged tokens are innovative ERC20 assets that can give you leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets, without having to deal with margin trade, liquidation, collateral, funding rates. With these tokens, you have the chance to take advantage of market volatility without having to risk your market margin! You can trade BTC and ETH tokens on our exchange, but do not forget to read our article ‘How to make the most out of leveraged tokens?’.


DigiByte is listed on the Exchange

DigiByte is a community-driven project that has no single point of failure, no ICO, no centralized company behind it, and the founder, developers, and the community are unpaid volunteers that eliminate the bankrupt risk. DigiByte is more than a faster digital currency. It is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and secure authentication. You can trade the DGB/USDT pair on our platform.


Dogecoin is listed on the Exchange

A very much exciting coin that almost barks is trading on the Exchange. Despite the original sarcasm behind its creation, the technology powering Dogecoin is legitimate. It has since been used across the crypto community for tipping and micropayments and is gaining further fame thanks to the new TikTok Dogecoin hype.


Velas is listed on the Exchange

Velas is a self-learning and self-optimizing blockchain platform for secure, interoperable, extremely scalable transactions, and smart contracts.

Velas states that it can deliver up to 30,000 transactions per second by only creating blocks when they are needed, while at the same time keeping the network safe from the threats and malicious activity. This amounts to a block per/second speed of anywhere from 1 second to 2 minutes. Learn more about Velas here.

Hedera Hashgraph

HBAR is listed on the Exchange

Hedera Hashgraph makes it possible to get your piece of cyberspace to transact, socialize, and play in a trusted environment!. The trust layer of the internet has arrived at the Exchange and is available for trading.

Competitions, airdrops, giveaways

During this month we have had multiple fee-free trading days where you could trade digital assets during the promotional period for free.

Velas fee free trading on the Exchange

We weren’t miserly in July either. We had a 50,000 DGB giveaway for those who traded a minimum volume of $100 on our exchange.

The month was also dominated by 3x leverage token competitions in which you could win in total from a prize pool of $20,000 USDT. Our BTC/ETH trading competition is still running, trade and increase your chance to win from the prize pool of up to $10,000 USDT. Apply here!

As always, we are planning exciting new listings, trading competitions, and giveaways for August. Stay tuned to hear from us follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group!



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