Meet us at the Cardano Summit 2022!
2 min readNov 11, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that this November, Danish Chaudhry,’s CEO, will be speaking at Cardano Summit 2022!

The Cardano Summit 2022 will take place over three days from Saturday, November 19th, to Monday, 21st.

Danish will share his thoughts on the future of staking as well as his experiences and expertise in web3.

Cardano Summit is a global event for the cryptocurrency community, which also includes community-led events that will take place in 50+ locations around the world. Any member of the community can apply to host the event.

But the main event will occur at the SwissTech conference center in Lausanne, Switzerland, led by the Cardano Foundation, where’s CEO Danish will be speaking on November 20th!

The Summit offers a unique line-up of inspiring speakers and interactive discussion panels where attendees can personally ask questions and share their insights — an event not to be missed!

Want to attend the main stage event without physically going to Lausanne?

A Virtual Summit lodge will be available for everyone at Cardano Summit 2022. Find out more and register here!

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