Making VR more sociable: Sensorium

With the ongoing health crisis and most of us trying to stay at home as much as possible to avoid any risk of infection, technology has been booming. And among them one trend that has already been well on its way: Virtual reality. The computer-generated virtual environment can usually be explored by users and lures our senses into experiencing it as if we were really there. The success of Immersive films and games like a black mirror, ready player one, and west world show that the interest in VR is huge.

And with technological advances, VR goggles and headsets could soon be highly available and cheap enough for mainstream consumers. However, so far most VR environments were mostly a replication of the already existing world or were used to train for certain scenarios that were difficult to train in real life — such as flying planes.

One blockchain company is looking to expand what VR can offer and help users overcome social exclusion and loneliness: Sensorium.

What is Sensorium?

To achieve that goal the team behind sensorium has created an ecosystem that contains a Digital Media platform that aggregates social VR content and other features allowing users to not only consume but also create content and monetize it.

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What is SENSO?

Sensorium teamed up with a leading Ibiza EDM nightclub promoter: Yann Pissenem to create virtual night clubs. Considering how far we’re in most countries to get back into any nightclubs, this initiative could prove to be a great alternative to still connect with others.

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