Introducing the Ambassador Program
3 min readAug 24, 2022

Dear Community,

The Ambassador Program opens the door to the most passionate, knowledgeable and driven crypto enthusiasts out there, offering you the opportunity to earn while making a meaningful impact on the future of our entire industry.

The ambassadors are the key to your favorite CEX successful development and joining forces with us comes with a multitude of benefits.

Why you should become an Ambassador: The Benefits

By becoming an ambassador you would enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Earn up to 60% of your referrals’ spot and margin trading fees;
  2. Enjoy additional fixed monthly payments (from 500 USDT to 3,000 USDT);
  3. For the time that you are an ambassador you have 50% discount on spot and margin trading (the minimum trading fee level is 0.03% taker/maker);
  4. Сustomise your referral link. Choose between 0 and 50% discount for your referrals;
  5. Honored status as an Official Ambassador;
  6. Direct contact with the Team with tech support included (subject to terms of service);
  7. Social Media traffic via association with our channels through promotion and AMAs;
  8. Gain experience and knowledge from a seasoned team of professionals, through ongoing communication and collaboration between the ambassadors and our team.

Requirements to become Ambassador

Each Ambassador will need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. at least 500 followers on at least 1 of your social media accounts with a proven engagement rate and confirmed by the marketing team;
  2. A demonstrated understanding of the crypto world, and has been around the Crypto/Blockchain space at least for 12 months;
  3. crypto trading experience and the understanding and ability to promote the key features of the FMFW exchange;
  4. A short cover letter explaining why you would be a great fit and how you would bring more users on the exchange.

How will the team support you: Our collaboration

Our seasoned team will be by your side, making sure that you are equipped with everything you need in order to become a successful ambassador. Our team will:

  1. Show you around the exchange to familiarize you with its functionalities;
  2. Share insights about the exchange’s new features;
  3. Help edit your copy (only applicable to English-speaking social media pages);
  4. Prepare visuals for your social media announcements;
  5. Provide statistics to help you track your performance;
  6. Get our team on AMA sessions with you across different platform.

Learn more about the onboarding process here!

Kickstart your ambassador journey and apply through this form!

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