Get a leading (h)edge as a new trader with HedgeTrade

When you are new to trading, it can easily get overwhelming. Normal stock-trading is already a challenge, let alone cryptocurrency trading. Trying to understand all the charts, the order-book or simply some of the cryptocurrency terminologies can take quite some time.

On the other hand, there are very experienced traders who are placing great trading calls, but whose strategies are not available anywhere. Many times, they have no reason to share their knowledge, because they don’t gain anything by doing so. Additionally, some traders earn from sharing their trading calls in private groups or on other social trading platforms. But they have no incentive to be correct — they get paid whether they’re right or wrong.

HedgeTrade has recognized the potential of combining these two groups and created a unique platform catering to the first-time trader just as much as to advanced cryptocurrency traders.

On HedgeTrade, experienced traders share their knowledge in the form of predictions with novice traders. These predictions are entered into a Blueprint which users can purchase to unlock it. If the prediction the experienced trader made is right, he will be rewarded in HEDG. If the prediction is wrong, the users will get reimbursed.

All traders on Hedgetrade are assigned a rank based on several factors such as the creation of their account, viewership, number of right predictions and amount of HEDG earned. This gives users the ability to evaluate the performance of a trader when trying to decide whose predictions are worth buying.

By aligning the interests of advanced traders with the need for information by new traders and combining it with an innovative staking model, Hedgetrade has built a platform that benefits advanced traders just as much as new entrants. The platform enables users to maximize profits while hedging risk to stay on top of the market.

The platform is powered by the HEDG token. It can be used on the Hedgetrade platform to access predictions and also to incentivize traders to share their valuable information. In the future, Hedgetrade is planning to add further utility to the token.

For anyone new to trading who is looking to gain some valuable market insight, Hedgetrade is a good place to start.

If you want to try it out, head over to the HedgeTrade website, which you can find here.

HEDG will be listed on Exchange on Thursday, April 8th 15:00 UTC with BTC and BCH pairs.