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2 min readJun 20, 2022

Dear Community,

This Tuesday, June 21, we will host a live AMA session with no other than the Lisk team!

Lisk’s Head of Marketing, Monica Tartau, will join us to answer all your questions!

To get you ready for the AMA, check out our intro article to learn more about Lisk’s ecosystem.

📝 DON’T forget to submit your questions for a chance to win $500 in LSK tokens!

Let’s have a look!

What is Lisk?

Lisk (LSK) is a blockchain application platform that seeks to make blockchain technology more accessible to the masses. Lisk focuses on user experience, developer support, and in-depth documentation.

The open-source Lisk blockchain platform is powered by LSK tokens and operates under the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model to allow for its network to be secured by democratically elected delegates.

Who created Lisk?

Founded in 2016 by Max Kordek and Olivier Beddows, Lisk originated from a fork of Crypti, a similar Javascript-based cryptocurrency project Kordek and Beddows started in 2014.

In February 2016, the founders held an initial coin offering (ICO) for Lisk’s cryptocurrency, LSK, raising 14,000 BTC (roughly $5.6 million) in a sale that auctioned 85% of Lisk’s token supply.

The remaining 15% of LSK coins were distributed to key developers and stakeholders. In a 2018 relaunch, the project’s focus shifted to a new branding, design, and UX strategy.

Building Blockchain Applications with the Lisk SDK in JavaScript

Lisk is one of the popular blockchain application development platforms, similar to, for example, Ethereum. Most of the blockchain networks allow for the development of applications on a single blockchain or custom blockchain. Lisk is the only blockchain platform that allows for deploying applications on “Sidechain”, an alternative that integrates with the main Lisk chain network.

The Lisk SDK is an open-source software development kit which enables developers to build scalable blockchain applications in JavaScript.

The architecture of the Lisk SDK has been designed so that it can be extended to meet the requirements of a wide variety of blockchain application use-cases. The codebase is written entirely in JavaScript , which means for a majority of developers, no significant change of tools or mindset is required to get started. The Lisk SDK makes every effort to allow developers to focus simply and purely on writing the code that matters to their own blockchain application, and nothing more

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