2022: A look back at the Year’s Highlights
3 min readDec 27, 2022

There was a lot worth celebrating in the challenging year of 2022. With launches, activities and important events, continues to build the bright future of money and is excited to see what the next year brings as we sail through our 4th year in the market.

As fast as a blink of an eye, here we are again at the end of another year. And what an eventful year it was!

In this article, we want to take a moment to highlight some of the exciting activities and accomplishments carried out throughout the year.

Saluting our loyal community of almost 1.3 million members worldwide, we had a yearful of Giveaways, AMAs and Trading Competitions that rewarded the most active users with more than $350,000 in prizes! To be the first one to find out about the next giveaway, subscribe to our Announcements Channel on Telegram.

We were working non-stop to improve the user experience during the year. To further grow and develop the ecosystem, we implemented multiple brand new features, one of which is Staking! In this turbulent market, we know very well how important it is to always have access to your assets. With our traders in mind, we decided to allow staking with no lockup period.

2022 was the year we celebrated’s third anniversary with a whole month-long Birthday Party in September of more than 20 contests and events, made possible thanks to the six amazing guest projects who joined us.

Our team was constantly networking and speaking at key events in the crypto community, such as the Cardano Summit, Lisbon’s Web Summit and City AM’s Crypto AM Summit, addressing the most significant milestones we as the entire crypto community keep surpassing. It was our pleasure to bring our collective achievements to the spotlight at these outstanding stages.

Consistently aiming to bring innovation to the crypto universe and our growing community, this was the year we welcomed our Mobile App. Filled with features to please even the most demanding users, we brought the power of crypto to the reach of their fingertips in our brand new mobile crypto wallet!

We also went one step further to make the trading experience of our worldwide users smoother and brought 4 new languages to the exchange in 2022. is now available in 8 languages and we are not stopping there, but working behind the scenes to offer even more options in the year to come.

Waving goodbye to 2022 and saying hello to the year 2023 ahead of us, we are delighted with the path being created as we relentlessly build the future of the crypto world together. Although rather than the gains we all achieved, with everything that happened in the world this past year, we’d like to focus on the challenges we successfully overcame as a community. The end of the year is the perfect time to count the milestones we have reached, and of that we can all take pride.

Here’s to a new step into the future, may the next year bring us many more, and that in the years to come we continue to be by your side on our never-ending mission to Free the money, Free the World.



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