EURST: The Digital Euro of Today
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As you already know — our live AMA session with $EURST team will take place very soon, on this Wednesday, August 3rd in the FMFW TG group!

We look forward to it, and also want to remind you that the top 5 questions will be rewarded: $300 USDT to be shared!

So, do not hesitate — follow this link to ask yours!

Now let us introduce you to the projects ecosystem and everything you need to know about the fiat-backed stablecoin, $EURST!

EURST: The Digital Euro of Today

EURST is a fiat-backed stablecoin, based on the Ethereum network’s ERC20 token standard, created to bridge the concept of fiat and cryptocurrency.

Developed and created by Wallex Trust, EURST enables users to make faster, cheaper, borderless, and more secured transactions.

According to the official website and a statement from Eurst’s CEO, Eurst is one of the first euro stablecoins to be audited in real time and asset-backed. It provides stability for users through the security technology used, transparency through the ledger and fast settlement, easily issuing and redeeming EURST the same day for zero fees.

The main goal is to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and volatile cryptocurrencies by providing transparency. EURST is currently the 1st largest USD-backed stablecoin in the world and is featured on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

EURST is not just a coin, but an entire ecosystem of products and services that use the stable EURST coin to process transactions and payments.

Working on the project of EURST for over a year, CEO and Founder of EURST, Simone Mazzuca made sure that EURST does its job, especially when it comes to securing clients’ assets. This was done by adopting the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the Know-Your-Client procedures that portray nothing that the STABLEActs authors and the ECB should fear. The unbanked and the underserved will most benefit from EURST since it has practically eliminated costly fees and snail-paced processes that clients would typically experience in the present financial system.

For more information, visit the website here.

Live AMA with EURST team

Want to know more about $EURST and get answers to your questions?

Visit our AMA, August 3rd, 14:00 UTC!

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