Eligma AMA Recap

3 min readOct 20, 2021


On Tuesday October 19th, we welcomed Dejan Roljic, Eligma’s CEO for an AMA in our Telegram Channel and believe you me: we had a blast!

Dejan introduced us to the 2 different products that Eligma stands behind, GoCrypto and Elly and shared his vision, goals and future plans for the last quarter of 2021.

We’ve put together a recap post for those of you that want to catch up on the AMA.

Dejan, please introduce yourself to our awesome community!

Dejan: My name is Dejan Roljic and I’m the CEO of Eligma. Eligma stands behind two products: GoCrypto and EllyPOS. In other words I’m the guy responsible for funding and getting the best people on board. My past experiences are basically focused on the hightech / startup world. My biggest success was when I worked in Shanghai, China, when I founded an accelerator with which we invested into 100+ startups in CEE region.”

Would you be able to describe EllyPOS and GoCrypto a little further for our community?

Dejan: “ GoCrypto is probably one of the simplest solutions when it comes to accepting crypto at the merchant store without the volatility risk. Elly is a software that is hardware agnostic and allows merchants to accept multiple payment options (card, crypto, digital payments etc.) and value added services (lottery, ticketing, loyalty…) on one device (POS or mobile phone).

For now brands are separated, they will probably unite into one in the future: Elly — the complete platform for payments / or the complete payment platform. “

So, what problems do you see in the industry right now and what problems does Eligma’s ecosystem solve with the features mentioned above?

Dejan: “ The biggest problem is that payments are centralized and that within the whole payment process there are many leeches: At the end, the merchant is paying for every transaction that is happening — fees can go up to 3% per transaction.

The goal is to decentralize payments in a way that you can pay with your card, crypto, digital payment through the so-called DAO infrastructure and that nobody controls the payments but the system does. This would make the transactions safer, faster and much, much cheaper.”

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. How do you generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

Dejan: “ At this point anyone can use our merchants smart POS infrastructure and we take a share of every transaction. In the future when we apply the system of decentralized payments we will make money on entry and settlement.”

What strategy do you implement in order to attract non-crypto people in your services?

Dejan: “ Probably working with the acquirers that already have millions of merchants…they will enable GoCrypto with one click. That will push the adoption and wallets will push the payments…it will happen in the future.

Is your project a global project ? What are your plans to make your project the best in the crypto world?

Dejan: “ Yes. We are already in 24 countries with GoCrypto. We are now focusing on UK but we are also getting e-money licence and crypto licence in UK, USA and EU.”

A big thank you to Dejan for joining us and taking the time to answer all the questions.

To learn more about Elly and GoCrypto, make sure to check out their website and their social media channels:

Website: https://elly.com/en/

Telegram: https://t.me/eligma

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoCrypto_

Medium: https://medium.com/eligma-blog




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