Crown Sterling AMA Recap

To celebrate the listing of CSOV on, Danish Chaudhry, our CEO welcomed Robert Grant, Crown Sterling’s CEO for an AMA on Thursday, October 7th.

We discussed about the importance of data sovereignty, Crown Sterling’s mission, the practical value of CSOV and much more.

For those of you that want to catch up on our AMA, we’ve put together this recap post.

Robert, please introduce yourself to our awesome community!

Robert: “ My name is Robert Edward Grant and I am the Crown Sterling’s CEO. I have a diverse background and career, having lived in 9 countries and learned several languages. I spent most of my career in healthcare but have always had a very strong interest in mathematics, geometry and physics. I recently authored the best selling book PHILOMATH (The Unification of Science and Art Through Number).”

Can you describe Crown Sterling a little further?

Robert: “ Sure. From the very beginning, my vision for Crown Sterling was data sovereignty for individuals. I did not like how data was being taken from individuals: first this was a problem for privacy and identity theft, but now it is so much more. I wanted Crown Sterling to become a platform for DECENTRALIZED usage of personal encryption, and it had to be quantum proof.

I envision a future where all of us will have our own NFTs that will replace our Cloud Storage based data. A world where artists (and creators generally) are finally rewarded for their creativity across all of the arts and sciences, from music to painting to patents. I also see an entirely new digital ecosystem all on the back of Quantum Resistant blockchain technology that operates at real time speeds.”

Can you tell us more about the practical value of the CSOV token?

Robert: “ By 2005 virtually everyone needed Cloud Storage. I believe that by 2025, virtually everyone will need their own personal (Quantum Resistant) NFT of their digital assets.

We created the platform for this mass scale adoption of quantum resistant NFTs to be possible for everyday people. This will also allow decentralized platforms for large corporations for self-driving cars, innovations in AR and VR and the and integration of all of these new and popular modalities.

In order to build upon our chain, the will need to use our unique encryptions and compression technologies. We only have 10B tokens and 80% are already distributed. The only way to use our cryptography, mathematical compression and blockchain technologies will be to use CSOV.

Do you have any plans to integrate your tokens into other networks?

Robert: “ Yes, we can already do this within the Polkadot ecosystem. But we are also working with Sora with their new bridging technology for Polkaswap. This will be a major advancement as it will open the doorway for us to do the same with Ethereum based blockchains.

What is the aim of your project and what differentiates your project from others?

Robert: “ It really is to provide a platform that everyone can use to claim their sovereignty and protect their identity. It is also that new developers of social media platforms will build on top of our Quantum NFT platform and innovate in decentralized ways to hopefully curb and eventually end this dystopian technocratic world we seem to be rapidly devolving into.

I strongly believe in the freedom of speech and I am frankly alarmed at the assault upon free speech and individual rights and freedoms currently happening both in social media and across society at present. “

What is your strongest advantage that you think will help your team lead the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Robert: “ I think our greatest strength as a team is our ability to think outside the box: We are highly creative and adaptive with a keen desire to serve the needs of our customers. This is also the source of our weakness: Normally, when I approach a market, I have decades of experience in that market, but in this case, we don’t have this level of experience within blockchain to leverage.

I believe that our marketing experience in other markets will uniquely serve us and allow us to leverage our marketing and awareness excellence in ways that may be invisible to other blockchain technologies. “

A big thank you to Robert for joining us on Thursday and for taking the time to answer all our amazing community member’s questions.

To learn more about Crown Sterling and CSOV, make sure to check out their website and their social channels:





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