Crown Sterling AMA Recap
7 min readMar 17, 2022

Crown Sterling — everything you should know about it!

Earlier this week we held a live AMA with a very special guest — the CEO of Crown Sterling! Robert Grant shared a lot about their progress, mission, 2022 road map and more!

We’ve put together a recap post for those who want to follow the recent discussion:

AMA session with Crown Sterling March 15, 2022

Bogdan Popa — marketing manager of

Robert Grant — CEO of Crown Sterling

Bogdan Popa:

Hello everyone! I’m Bogdan,’s Community Manager and I’m excited to be to host of today’s AMA along with no other than Robert Grant, Crown Sterling’s CEO! Let’s have a blast!🚀

Robert Grant:

Hi Everyone! My name is Robert Edward Grant and I here for the AMA for Crown Sterling which you can learn more about at

Bogdan Popa:

It’s a pleasure to host you, Robert!

Robert Grant:

Let me go ahead and introduce myself…..last time i did this I typed so fast my fingers hurt! I guess I’m getting more and more used to typing with my thumbs lately!

You can find out a lot about my life and career at also and on my LinkedIn page.

Great to be back with you Bogdan!

Bogdan Popa:

Robert, can you please explain briefly what is Crown Sterling’s North Star? What are you aiming to achieve within our industry?

Robert Grant:

As you know, I am the founder and CEO of Crown Sterling. We are a Data Sovereignty focused Quantum Resistant Cryptography and Blockchain company and we have continued to make tremendous progress the last months toward our roadmap of success.

Our North Star is actually the genesis block of our blockchain which was built as a custom chain on top of the Polkadot platform. We customized the entire encryption layer and deliver both quantum resistant encryption and mathematical compression for key management and data in order to enable our Mission of Data Sovereignty for All.

Our genesis block states that “We believe that data is the intangible personal property of original producers and is therefore protected by the US Constitution in Articles 4 and 5 and also by the EU and UN Charters of Human Rights”

Data is now the largest asset category in the world. Though data is infinite, its value has outstripped all other asset categories in the world since 2018. But it isn’t really the data by itself is so valuable, rather it is the control of that data that has been tightly held by only a handful of big tech companies.

Bogdan Popa:

Giving data back to the people, that’s quite a mission folks!🚀

Robert Grant:

We aim to change that through our Quantum Resistant encryption and novel compression technologies that will allow consumers to CLAIM, PROTECT, CONTROL and/or MONETIZE their data in the format of NFTs.

I see this as more of a democratization of data control.

Something that is intrinsic to who we are individuals now and in the foreseeable future.

Bogdan Popa:

That’s truly impressive, Robert! Can you share your take on why data sovereignty is important for traders in 2022 and beyond?

Robert Grant:

But why is this important to traders today…..well you may have seen that the US Whitehouse has just required that ALL branches of the US Government must, within ONLY SIX MONTHS from the late January announcement, transition to Quantum Resistant Encryption protocols, among with One-Time Pad Encryption is an approved quantum resistant protocol — this is the encryption that Crown Sterling is innovating and introducing on blockchain for the first time.

2. We will be demonstrating our novel Data (Mathematical) Compression later this year. We already have this for Key Compression, but we are now expanding on the concept to include data/message text for all types of data. Given that the world spends almost 20% of the energy on Data Storage and related activities, we think that this could have a huge impact on the Planet while also decentralizing data storage for all. This is a critical aspect of our Data Sovereignty Mission.

3. We will be launching a separate “Gateway” App called the BFN Calculator by Crown Sterling. Last year, we created the larget number calculator (mathematics) that performs all equations in constant time (effectively no latency whatsoever). While Wolfram’s online calculator is commonly used for large number calculations, it is admittedly very slow.

Bogdan Popa:

2022 looks PACKED for Crown Sterling!🚀🚀

Robert Grant:

It took me 3 mins to get 500 digits of accuracy on a calculation when I tested it a few days ago…..however, with our BFN Calculator, we get over 300,000 digits of accuracy on every calculation in constant time. This has enabled analysis of large number strings far in excess of what large teaching institutions can effectively generate. Thus enabling our novel cryptographic approaches as well as information theory-based approaches to novel Compression methodologies. There is no telling what innovations may come of this when the world has access (for free) to this technology.

In addition to number calculations, it is able to visualize all mathematical equations and outputs GEOMETRICALLY and eventually even MUSICALLY! You can even toggle what dimensional reference you would like to choose from 2D = Area value across any circle or polygon representation you choose (for example) as well as 3D volumetric geometries extending into 4D and even up to 6D (and beyond) representations. We even got a patent on this calculator but want to share this with the world. We are even creating a novel Proof of Work aspect of the BFN calculator so that users can LEARN and EARN CSOV by contributing to our global Geometric/Musical Construction that will be viewable both in a metaverse environment as it grows and evolves into one Giant Geometric, Living and Evolving Structure. As you can probably tell I am super excited about this and the research implications of this and how changes to the environment might impact the morphology of the structure, and by adding the Z axis of Time to the analysis, we can even listen the sound conversion in the form of musical notes……

Bogdan Popa:

These are mind blowing facts, Robert!

Robert Grant:

Early next year, we will be launching two major programs, the expansion of our Crown Sterling App to encrypt all your data and even geo location, search history and purchase history so that users can easily turn their data into salable NFTs.

While our NFTs will be able to be sold many different exchange platforms, we will also be creating our own NFT Exchange to make a market for the most valuable asset category in the world: Data.

Finally, I would like to inform you that over 35 companies have informed us that they plan to build their new blockchains on top of the Crown Sterling Architecture. Many of these companies are Metaverse companies. It is super exciting to watch the developments happening here. However, this is why we are focused on completing our NFT Collectibles functionality as we will not be able to partner with so many companies until we achieve a very high degree of scalability through automaticity.

Community question:

How can a Newbie People understand your project easily? Is there some kind of educational program or some YouTube Videos to make it easier for newcomers to understand YOUR project?

Robert Grant:

Yes, you can read our white papers which are all found at….however, we are working very hard to always simplify. A lot of our mathematical work requires a somewhat more advanced understanding of mathematics and geometry. This is partially why we…

Community question :

Incorporates with five different layers, will it guarantee the security system of CrownEncrypt from cyber attack?

Robert Grant: Cyber attacks can take many forms. We use state of the art protocols for all attack vectors, but have placed a very high emphasis on Quantum Resistance. If all files are properly secured with correct key distribution and authentication using One-time Pad, even if a network is breached by an attacker, as every character of every encrypted file is encrypted using a distinct key, then even if one character is deciphered, an attacker is no more likely to decrypt the other characters of the same file. This is also true of files and is a huge advantage to the use of Block Ciphers like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Here is a great video by Security Expert Eric Cole:

Community question:

Do you have plans to launch your own NFT? If yes could we mint using $CSOV token?

Robert Grant: Yes! They will be minted using CSOV.

Community question:

We know that these big giants are definitely stealing our data and that’s why we hate them because, currently, there are no viable options. So in this regard, I wanted to know exact details on how my data is protected by Crown Sterling? Is it possible to request Crown Sterling to delete my data if in the future I decide not to do so?

Robert Grant: Crown Sterling will provide access to Decentralized Data Storage along with our Novel Compression. We will NEVER house your control your data. Only you will do that. We simply provide an outsourced lock and key (think of this as like your padlock and key that we provide and you can take this anywhere to secure your data (just like a storage unit that you rent or own somewhere else.) We want this decentralized approach to be feasible all on top of the IPFS network… that only YOU can control it, and NEVER US.

Bogdan Popa: Thanks a lot everyone for your questions! We’re building a very nice community 🥳

And of course a special mention to @Robert_Edward_Grant, it’s been great having you!

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